Hacking wpa2/psk (dictionary attack)



Kali Linux USB

Compatible Network Interface Card


Just seen a post asking how to hack into Wifi… I searched Nulled and to my surprise didn’t see any quality tutorials on how to hack WPA2/PSK using a dictionary attack so I decided to make one. Hope you guys enjoy it! (if there is tutorials on it I didn’t see them!)

Okay so lets get started.

First you want to open up a terminal and put your network card in monitor mode like this. This allows the network interface card to monitor network traffic and capture data packets being sent from the AP
airmon-ng start wlan0
Then use this command to check to see which network interface you have. My interface is wlan0mon but yours could be different. Whichever interface says monitor mode is the one that your going to want to use

Then let’s scan for targets with this command. The closer the target the better. You can see the range where it say PWR. The lower the number the closer the AP is to you. I’m going to choose the target Smith_Girls
airodump-ng wlan0mon

After you choose your target note the BSSID and the Channel # and type the following to monitor the network traffic. The page will look like the one below
airodump-ng -c 8 –bssid 90:48:9A:C4:5B:10 -w sinistertutorial wlan0mon

Once you obtain a handshake you are ready to start cracking the password with Aircrack. So go ahead and open up a new terminal and type the following. If the dictionary attack contains the password for the router then you will get a page that looks like this
aircrack-ng -a2 -b 90:48:9A:C4:5B:10 -w rockyou.txt sinistertutorial-01.cap

The rockyou.txt part is the dictionary attack. You can download different dictionary’s off the internet and use those if the built in dictionary that Kali Linux offers does not work. Once it runs through the dictionary it will tell you if you found the password or not. In my case it found the password rather quickly.

Hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial. I tried to make it as basic and simple as possible for someone to understand that isn’t familiar with Linux.

Turn Off Monitor Mode!

If you don’t turn monitor mode back off you cannot browse the internet. Do so by typing the following command
airmon-ng stop wlan0mon
If your having trouble and the Wifi icon at the top right of the screen is gone then type
service network-manager restart
After that everything should work perfectly!

Hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial thanks for viewing! If you have any questions PM me!

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