Log in the xfinity account . Go to click on the chat option and wait till you get connected to a live representative or go to

chat and tell him /her you are willing to change your service to a new address so you would like them

to create you a new account with same info of the old account meaning transferring the old account to the new one but with a new service address

so they would ask for email and get them a new email and the representative will create

you the account and send you an email to the mail you provided to them and you would need to confirm it and also they

will ask for the username you would like

to use and password or you can do that by your self if u confirm the email you will receive another

confirmation in the email and ask the agent for the account number and account infos after that take some time as least 30 mins and login with the new credentials you GOODLUCK

the internet status as pending so now you are ready to chop ur 2 lines since the internet is bot connected

Part 2 this is the xfinity tut after changing address

Go to add the 2 phones to cart and checkout without not forgetting u must get the old

account owner ssn and your state or Zip cc ready as well as you are checking out they will

ask for the account ssn provide it and

Dob as well best thing do background search and compare the Dob to know everything is

on point now checkout put account name account phone number and your email move on dont touch the billing

just provide your cc number cvv and

expiry date and move on now accept the terms and click place order you will see a success page now

wait for confirmation in ur email thanks if you provide everything correct you will receive confirmation

if they say update the card please do it and they ship you fast…

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