How to get Free Visa Gift Card Method by HOVATOOLS

With this method ill teach you have to get a free visa gift card this method is different from my auto pilot method and does require a fair bit of work but it does work! dont be a leech please.

  • Go over to and go into the “Live Chat” section.
  • Then, proceed to start a live chat.
  • You must now go online and find a pack of tide pods, find the most expensive ones you can. Example is: Spring Meadow the count 168
  • Then, tell the representative in the live chat that you recently bought a pack of tide pods. You were excited to clean your dirty clothes, when you opened up the pack of tide realize there was soap everywhere, and the tides pods were broken.
  • Tell them some bs like that you are a single mom whos son who has a performance tomorrow. Also, tell the representative that your son was forced to wear dirty clothes on his performance because you could not clean the ones you have. Tell tide you are low income.
  • They should ask you at one point for the scent and the count. put something like this: the scent was Spring Meadow the count was 168
  • The person on the live chat with you should initiate a pop up that asks for your address. You can then fill out your information, and she will inform you she is sending you a prepaid card with the price of the tide pod package on it.

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